Portable UV IR Rejection Transmission Meter
Price RM99.90
Availability 50
Module NO Transmission Meter
Size  125mm *75mm *25mm(L*W*H)
Weight 165g (include batteries)
Thickness of testing sample < 8mm
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy +/-  2%(Colorless and transparent material) 
VL Peak wavelength  380-780nm
UV Peak wavelength /
IR Peak wavelength 900-1000nm
Battery 4*AAA alkaline battery
Function IR Rejection meter, Light Transmittance Meter, 2 functions in ONE device.

Feature of our products

-1. IR transmission meter, Light Transmittance Meter,2 functions
 in ONE device.

-2. Small size, portable product for transmission value measurement. 

-3. Simple operation, putting the testing sample in the "OPENING", UV, Visible and
Infrared transmission values of the sample will simultaneously display.

-4. using for window film, solar film and other material testing.


-Power on: When it is off, press the "ON/Hold" key.

-.Power off: Press "ON/Hold" key and hold for longer than 3 seconds, it will be
 powered off.

-.Auto off: No key is pressed in 3 minutes, and then it will power off automatically.

-Manual hold: If "ON/Hold" key is short pressed during measure status,
transmission value will hold on the LCD, "Hold" symbol is displayed on the LCD.Press the
"NO/Hold" key again will release the "Hold" mode. When backing is off, press the "NO/Hold"
  key turn on the backlight.

-.Measurement: When the meter displays 100% for each value, insert the testing sample in the
" OPENING", VL, UV and IR transmission value will display simultaneously.

Our product range:

1) solar film transmission meter(film testing machine)
2) car window tint film
3) Chameleon window fim
4)Nano ceramic tint
5)Building window film
6)Safety film
7)Professional film
8)UV 400 skind care film
9)Car paint protection film(PPF)